Renewable energy is the future.  The sector is a rapidly evolving market that requires out of the box thinking when addressing talent acquisition.

REC has the knowledge and ability to locate talent within the industry’s highly specialized skill sets.  Locating top engineers, scientists, consultants, contractors and executive managers in solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, smart grid, sustainability or other emerging markets for renewable energy is our focus. This focused attention for each and every client begins with a consultative process and ensures that any potential candidate is fully screened before submission.

As always, our recruiting approach is centered on building relationships with both clients and candidates, and networking through all available means across the renewable energy industry to find the right candidates and understand the needs of each sector. Our combination of traditional advertising and customized searches, along with years of personal networks, yields a selection of talent that is unmatched by any job board.  We understand that the technology within the sector is constantly changing, and REC strives to adjust as needed to continue to provide that staffing expertise needed.