This is the most traditional aspect of the staffing industry for high level positions. When organizations struggle to find the personnel needed, they need to call in for recruiting reinforcements. REC can operate in a contingent or retained capacity. For contingent requirements, the organization only pays once the right individual is found. That amount is a negotiated situation depending upon the level of position, and amount positions the client would like to engage us in. Many times, this is the only option that candidates may be interested in since we will most likely be finding that passive candidate that are not actively searching for new opportunities.

Instead of hiring an internal recruiter within the organization, many firms may engage us in a retained search, thereby “hiring” us to fill a certain number of positions, and paying us to put their needs at the top of all other searches REC may be preforming. Each of these situations are negotiated individually with the client based on the level of position, along with the number of positions that may be required to fill. This is a great option for firms because they hire professional recruiters without the long term financial outlay of bringing them onboard in house. Clients get the positions filled by having a number of recruiters focused on filling their positions instead of just one, in house recruiter. In the war for talent, speed in the location and processing of candidates is of utmost importance.

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We recruit professionals at the executive, management, scientific/ technical and entry level basis who specialize in a wide variety of disciplines; some of which include CEQA / NEPA compliance, natural resource assessment, permitting, industrial hygiene, environmental remediation, engineering, climate change, and sustainability.

We pride ourselves on getting the details and specifics of the requirement to provide the right candidate regardless of the certifications and/or credentials needed. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our client partners to provide a level of service that far exceeds any expectations

We recruit professionals at all levels.

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