Before you buy a new car, you test-drive it. Why not test-drive your new job, or give a company that option to see how good your really are?
More and more today, companies are opting to go with a hiring solution known as temp-to-hire (otherwise known as temp-to-perm). With this option, companies offer potential employees a “trial” period of sorts before bringing them on as full-time employees.

What does Temp to Hire really mean? It is an employment service concept where a client company plans to make a permanent placement hiring decision during or after a temporary assignment.  Basically, companies are looking for a flexible option when bringing on new employees.  During this probationary period, an employer has the ability to evaluate job performance and make more educated hiring decisions.  Most firms have a probationary period anyway, and this is another way to use a staffing partner for employee evaluation.

The majority of Temp to Hire solutions are facilitated through staffing firms, like REC, who partner with clients to give them every option needed to bring on additional employees. While many job seekers are hesitant to accept a Temp-to-Hire job because it doesn’t seem as stable, there are also benefits of taking a test-drive at your potential new company.

What Does Temp-To-Hire Mean For The Employee?

Take the temporary period to evaluate the company just as the company is evaluating you. Definitely take the time seriously and remember that you are being closely watched, not unlike any other new company employee.

The end goal in any professional relationship is for a “perfect match” to be made. Temp-to-hire employment opportunities can be a great option for candidates who are accepting a new position for the right reasons.

  • No Contract

    This is your time to shine without being locked into a contract.

  • Culture Fit

    As a temporary employee of the company you get a first-hand look at certain characteristics of the company that you might not observe during an interview. You are able to decide if the culture fit is right for you and if this is truly a company you want to work for.

  • Work Environment

    Working directly with your peers in a temporary position allows you to observe the quality of work and work ethic the employees of the company put out.

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